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Still standing.


The first primary school I attended in Manchester is long gone, as is the second in Llandudno. On the site of my old grammar school there now stands an Asda superstore. James Williamson and Partners and Fairclough Construction, my first employers, have been absorbed by bigger companies. Fidor - The Fibre Building Board Development Organisation - outlived its usefulness and was wound up. My niche lacquerwork company was 'bulldozered' into the ground by a new generation of gigantic German robotic panel processing factories. Unimo no longer are in the video market and, somewhere along the way, Huper Technology has ceased to exist.

Are you beginning to detect a pattern here?





The site of the old John Bright Grammar School, Llandudno


We all know "nothing lasts forever" but in the modern world you can now safely say "nothing lasts for very long".

For an enterprise to survive key staff must be able to learn and re-learn; constantly absorb new information; stay alert to possible future trends.

Simply hiring employees who meet today's need is probably a recipe for long-term failure.

MARK GRAHAM - key skills