M G.

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Management skills, highly adaptable; fast learner; agile mind; 'panoramic' thinker; multi-channel planner; multi-tasker.

If it's a great idea today then it will be "old-hat" tomorrow. Future-proofing ideas and processes is necessary. A "one-idea" enterprise will not survive long.


Strategic thinker; unflappable in a crisis

The best laid plans go wrong - frequently! Ideally, have a backup plan. If not possible, or feasible, improvise, adjust and regroup.


Excellent communicator

In both verbal and written communications, tailoring the message to the audience takes some care. It's not just the syntax, grammar and punctuation that are important for clarity, an empathy with the audience/recipient ensures the message strikes home.


High level of IT literacy and constantly adding new skills

All Microsoft standard programmes: Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Movie Maker

Acrobat: PDF Maker, Photoshop

Open license equivalent products: Open Office, GIMP, Powerbullet

Authoring programmes: Calibre for eBooks (Mobi, etc)

Camtasia and Snagit (screen capture)

Video editing - various proprietary programmes

Markup languages and editors: HTML, CSS, JQuery; MS Expression, Crimson

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Networking, IP configuration, firewalls

Video codecs and VNC remote (Virtual Network Computing)


Extensive experience in using IT as a means of communication and teaching


Extensive experience in technical writing for all audiences on a wide range of subjects


Experience in setting up monitoring and Quality Control systems


Technical sales experience on a range of subjects, products and services


Supervision of personnel and projects


Team player but also most definitely a fearless self starter




In the 20th Century Chou En Lai said "Diplomacy is the continuation of war by other means". In the 21st Century it would be more accurate to state that "commerce is the continuation of war by other means".

Finance, commerce and enterprise have never been more important. The age of the "gentleman gifted amateur" is gone.