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A somewhat old fashioned education at JOHN BRIGHT GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Llandudno - an establishment that liked to think of itself as the Eton of North Wales. More

ATTAINMENT: six O'Levels - English Literature, English Language, Maths, Economics, History, Geography.


BANGOR TECHNICAL COLLEGE (now Coleg Menai) from 1972 to 1976

ATTAINMENT: physics O'Level, ONC Building, HNC Building & Civil Engineering.




Position: Assistant Civil Engineer 1973 - 1979


JW&P were the consulting engineers on the DINORWIC PUMPED STORAGE SCHEME - a £425 million project to construct a hydro electric power station under a Welsh Mountain in Snowdonia.


Part of a team that supervised the contractors (Mowlem Construction and MBZ - an Alfred McAlpine / Brand / Zschokke consortium) on behlaf of the then CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board).


Also, for a period, seconded to the team that supervised repair of the Britannia Bridge which was fire damaged in 1970 and reopened in 1980.


Position: Technical Officer 1979 - 1986

Fibre Building Board Development Organisation


• Technical advice on timber panel products to trade and public

• Product & tech seminars to timber trades

• Technical lectures to universities and colleges

• Production of technical literature – MDF, plywood, etc.

• Writing articles for trade magazines.

• Representation of various industries at British Standards Institution.

• Liaison with overseas importers to UK.

• International standards and test methodologies integration.

• Working with US and European manufacturers of new product – MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) invented in 1979, to develop and promote methodologies for cutting and applying coatings.

A little anecode.

CAREER 1987 to present



Established a company to develop high quality lacquer finishes. Self taught the necessary chemical formulations and invented new formulation techniques - for example non-etching 'metallic' additives to acid catalysed lacquers. A world first.

Company grew to include joinery manufacture and installation of products

Canon Electronics.

Refurbishment of reception area for Canon Electronics, South London. Red reception desk and gunmetal wall panels.



Advised companies on wide range of issues: instituting new technical processes; how to promote complex technical products, writing business plans, calculating future costs and profits, managing cash flow and debt collection; worked with the Credit Protection Association (Hammersmith) and Independent Consulting (Kingston Upon Thames).


Back in 2002 visionaries were talking about how it was now theoretically possible to embed live video streams in Internet transmissions. Theoretically, it was but no one had cracked the problem of actually doing it reliably and commercially.

I tracked down 'AXIS', a Swedish company that had just begun to market what they called 'thin servers'. These were devices that could connect analogue cameras to an ADSL (Internet connection) and transmit images sequences - not quite a fast frame image sequence.

Further investigation revealed a company called 'Unimo' working on the problem in South Korea. They used a system called NDVR - Networked, Video Recording which produced an almost real-time video sequence.

I then recruited a computer science graduate to work with me in concert with a small company in Taiwan called 'Huper Technology'. We were now able to manufacture our own NDVRs operating on MS XP Professional to transmit upto 16 channels of real time video for security monitoring purposes.

Security shot.

Our 'T-Scan' Internet video security system in use

In parallel with my website design service


2011 and 2012

Level 3 and Level 4 PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) certification to teach adult learners

This is a course I was able to do largely online, though to meet the requirements I have taught ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) in classrooms of about 20 adult learners. This involved acquiring knowledge of the three ESOL stage courses, preparing coursework and lesson material and teaching in a classroom environment.

I acquired these qualifications with a view to possibly teaching English online to the expanding Chinese and Far Eastern markets.


2010 to present


Established a website design company specialising in 'info-sites' for smaller technical businesses such as construction companies, engineers, plumbing & heating contractors.

Most website design companies build a site for a client and then walk away. Thus most smaller companies find themselves being represented on the Internet by a site that is several years old.

My 'angle' has been to charge a very modest monthly subscription to keep my clients' sites up to date with content that is designed to engage potential customers.

Working closely with my clients has led to my diversifying into several other services, which could be best described as 'freelance back office'.

Smaller enterprises that are required by law to maintain records and proven standards of quality often struggle to do so. I therefore provide on-demand Quality Control Assurance and Compliance Record Keeping services in addition to advertising copyrighting, small scale video production and quantity surveying and quotation services.